Wednesday, 12 October 2011


Sunday, 9 October 2011

Still here...

Sorry have not written for a very long time but we are all still here and well.

I am still gainfully employed although where I am going to be working from is anyone's guess after Christmas. The cuts have cut deep, halving our staff numbers and of course, doubling the work for those who remain. As someone once said, you can only do so much in 8 hours and you do have a job...
That said, I could be moved across the city or into the city centre, no one knows as yet.

Catherine, who has returned from working in Australia, has got herself on a teacher training course with a view to becoming a primary school teacher. She has just landed an evening job at a local bar/restaurant for some spending money. She seems well sorted.

Edward is continuing at college and busy studying for his A levels.

James has now qualified within the RAF and is currently in Italy trying to find The Colonel in Lybia... He and his girlfriend have a house in East Anglia close to his base and they seem very happy.

We all still miss Jane dreadfully but, as you can see we are getting on with our lives in a way that would make her very proud.