Sunday, 6 June 2010

Its been a week

It has been a week since Jane passed away at St Mary Hospice.
The amount of 'admin' you have to do is amazing. I didn't mind because it took my thoughts away from what had happened. Arranging her funeral was hard, being alone in the house is even harder. I have taken to getting up early so I am so tired at night, I hopefully go straight to sleep without having to think about things.

My children, James (24) Catherine (19) and Edward (17) have been marvelous. They have coped with their mother's death remarkably well. I think they are just relieved that her pain and suffering is over. They have each looked after me and made sure I was not left alone to dwell, fetching and carrying and even cooking. Sarah, the mother to James's daughter Grace has been like a busy bee, shopping and arranging things and continually attentive.

Jane's funeral is next Friday. She has left a full itinerary as to how it should proceed, which was typical Jane. It has made it very easy for me for which I am grateful. I hope she will be pleased with it.